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Our ebooks are an easy way to teach meditation.

What is an ebook?
An ebook is a book published in electronic form, similar to a Word document.

Publishing ebooks is the way of the FUTURE. Stephen King brought epublishing to the attention of the world by publishing his novel, Riding the Bullet, exclusively in ebook form. In the first 24 hours of availability, 400,000 copies were downloaded - more than any other book in any format!

With eBooks

  • you can return easily to previously viewed pages.
  • you get instant access to content.
  • you can search for words or phrases and get access to the pages instantly
  • the environment is protected because no trees are destroyed

An eBook

  • can be a 400-page novel, complete with illustrations or photographs
  • can also be a training manual
  • can be a 10-page specialized report that focuses on solving a specific problem
  • can be short stories

How do I recieve an ebook?
Ebooks can be delivered to any computer that is connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. The format is PDF, Portable Document Format, to make viewing on your computer easy for everyone.

Will delivery be instant?
You will get Instant Delivery of this kit. As soon as you make a payment via PayPal you willautomatically be redirected to a page where you can view the kit contents instantly.

Is it safe to purchase from your website?
Yes. Using PAYPAL ensures your safety as a buyer. You may use a Credit card, PayPal funds, or an E-Check to make payment. All transactions are done over a Safe Secure Server. We only use PayPal to process our payments to ensure the safety of our customers. PayPal is popular due to its safe and secure payment processor.

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